Kirkcaldy Green Infrastructure Masterplan

Working with Urban Pioneers Landscape Architects, we are investigating massing and masterplanning proposals within a Greenspace Intrastucture Masterplan for Fife Council. The areas of Den Street and Nairn Street have been investigated in terms of massing and architectural composition in response to the green infrastructure masterplan. Rather than looking at either site in isolation, consideration is given to town wide connections, whether pedestrian, vehicular or cycle routes. On both sites, an approach is taken where their development can benefit existing adjacent neighbourhoods through improved circulation, access to greenspace, amenity and the general vigour of the streetscape. Design considerations to achieve this include: appropriate locations of new streets and routes; establishing and linking to new lively common spaces as well as by considering views to and from the neighbouring streets, courts and building.


Both sites utilise the following common design principles:

  • Safe and usable streets
  • South and west facing gardens
  • Permeability and green routes
  • Front doors on to the street where possible, with sociable defensible space.


Location: Kirkcaldy, Fife

Client: Fife Council/ Subconsultant to Urban Pioneers

Role: Architectural Masterplanning