Wester Ross Visitor Information Shelters

Calum Duncan Architects & Urban Pioneers have been shortlisted for stage 2 of the Wester Ross Visitor Information Shelters Competition. Our proposal is based on the principle that these shelter & information points will act as clear and distinct landmarks, consistent in material & appearance, but responding to the specific orientation, location & key functional needs of the site in a manner, which is pragmatic and sculptural/ sensual.


Given the very physical geological/ historical nature of the landscapes, as well as need for durability & robustness, our approach emphasizes the need for the shelters to feel grounded and connected – bedding into the site for the long-run. The character of these spaces created might be described as reminiscent of a kind of harmonious courtyard space found within an enjoyable wilderness. While providing protection for weather, the shelters have an open aspect to them, catching sunlight and views and avoiding spaces, which may feel damp or vulnerable to damage. This is achieved through consideration of prevailing wind & a generally southern aspect, with seating located appropriately in a variety of orientations. Above the weight of the masonry walls, a lighter canopy sits to maximize shelter and encourage the sun-trapped nature.


The practical function as information point and shelter is supplemented with the idea of the shelters and the immediately surrounding spaces as being opportunities to inhabit and play imaginatively. This playful nature creates and encourages the sense that the local area is there to be explored, enjoyed and to provide adventure and fun.


Location: Wester Ross

Client: Highland Council

Contract value: £150 000