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Asda community capital

ASDA Community Capital has been specifically designed with affordability and flexibility in mind. Read more

All purpose loan

Repayable up to a maximum of 13 years, our All Purpose Loan has a fixed interest rate and capital payments so you know exactly what your organisation is required to pay each month. Read more

Social growth fund

SIS is delighted to offer new, flexible and significant funding opportunities thanks to the creation of our Social Growth Fund. This new risk or patient capital is a unique offering in the social investment space. Read more

Bridging loan

Used to cover timing issues for receipt of approved grant monies to enable your project to proceed when the secured grant funding is being paid in arrears. Read more

SIS/Triodos property loan

Working in partnership with Triodos Bank we provide term loans up to a maximum 13 years (see note 1). Ideal for assisting with all types of property purchase, refurbishments or major capital spends Triodos provide up to 70% Loan To Value or purchase price (whichever is the lower) and SIS can provide up to the remaining 30% of the loan even if you don't have any equity. Read more

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