Financial Highlights

Social Investment Scotland celebrated its 15th anniversary in September 2016. In every year since it was founded in 2001, SIS has built on the achievements of successive years, with 2015/16 being no exception. From a growing range of funds and products, SIS has made £53m of investment in 237 organisations across Scotland.

SIS looks forward to the next 15 years and beyond, continuing to support high-impact businesses to sustain and grow their social and economic impact.

2016/17 Total Loans by Volume

2016/17 Total Loans by Value

SIS (Community Finance)

Our core loan fund provides a range of flexible loans from £10,000 to £250,000, including our popular bridging loan product.

Scottish Investment Fund (SIF)

Created with £31.8 million in 2008 by the Scottish Government to help build third sector capacity in Scotland, SIF has invested in 67 organisations in a range of sectors across Scotland. The fund is now fully invested.

Social Growth Fund (SGF)

A £16 million partnership between the Scottish Government and Big Society Capital, SGF provides loans from £100,000 to over £1 million. It features a risk capital product which, if offered, is popular with organisations looking to grow their activities and impact.

Asda Community Capital

This is designed to support early-stage social enterprises looking to access social investment for the first time. Loans range from £10,000 to £50,000, with a 5% interest rate (interest-free for
the first year).

SIS Community Capital

This innovative fund (using social investment tax relief) is suited to social enterprises looking to scale. This fund was fully invested in 2016.


 SIS (Community Finance)Scottish Investment Fund (SIF)Social Growth Fund (SGF)Asda Community CapitalSIS Community CapitalTotals
Investments issued£1,104,509£87,527£1,788,057
Number of new customers17-514-36
Number of loans181514-38
Interest income£371,109£597,498£339,814£8,032£24,164£1,340,617
Year-end balances£5,170,435£8,579,151£5,171,508£775,891£399,000£20,095,985

Financial highlights table 2016/2017

Since 2001

 SIS (Community Finance)Scottish Investment Fund (SIF)Social Growth Fund (SGF)Asda Community CapitalSIS Community CapitalTotals
Investments issued18,060,79715,683,8815,017,694829,544399,00039,990,915
Grants issued-16,269,078---16,269,078
Number of new customers190461124-271
Number of loans2379111247370
Average loan amount72,399163,518444,16734,31157,000771,395
Total invested
(as at 31/03/2017)

Financial highlights since 2001 table

Annual Accounts

Full annual accounts can be found on our website.

Aeris rating

In 2016, SIS was the UK’s first Responsible Finance provider to undertake Aeris’s comprehensive, third-party, creditrating assessment.

Social Surplus Fund

SIS allocates a proportion of its surplus annually to a designated fund that is used to support impactful initiatives and one off development opportunities for SIS colleagues. From 2016 onwards, some of this allocation will be used for the Amanda Award for Social Entrepreneurship, in recognition of the outstanding of former SIS colleague Amanda Harold.

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of SIS suppliers are social enterprises.