Celebrating 10 years of providing expertise throughout the UK

We’ve just celebrated our 10 year anniversary !

The company has a history of innovation dating from 1993, when it began life as a corporate GIS unit for Scotland’s Central Regional Council. In April 2007, following significant growth in its activities, an arm’s length company, Forth Valley GIS Limited was created, and the company hasn’t looked back since.

Now trading as thinkWhere, and employing 23 professional staff, thinkWhere specialises in deploying products, services and solutions using the very latest open source technologies. It is data driven and works extensively with Ordnance Survey digital map products and publicly available geographic datasets.

It has a proven track record of delivering solutions at local, regional and national levels in the UK public and commercial sectors with clients from the South Downs to the Orkney Islands, and all points in between.

Alan Moore, CEO of thinkWhere, said: “We feel privileged and excited to be part of the evolution of geospatial data and processes. Our adoption of open source technology since our company formation means we now operate in a completely different and faster-paced technical environment compared to 2007.

“Our vision is that thinkWhere will grow its presence as a leading supplier of GIS services, extending its reach within the UK and internationally. We will continue to focus on the delivery of high quality, excellent customer service, providing products and solutions that make a real difference to solving our clients’ problems and challenges using the power of location.

“We wouldn’t be at this stage today, without the dedication and hard work put in by the entire team, and the support we receive from our board, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.”

Below: Enjoying celebrations at The Stirling Highland Hotel, thinkWhere’s Alan Moore (Chief Executive) and Brian Williamson (Chairman).

In addition to the growth and development of the company, staff have found the time to perform volunteer activities for MapAction and Missing Maps, humanitarian mapping charities which devote their skills to providing data and mapping services to the scenes of disasters.