Built using open source technologies, our products offer cost-effective, leading edge GIS solutions for your business

With off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions developed in-house by our team of highly experienced developers.

Cloud Software


Online project collaboration tool

Effectively and efficiently share geographic and other project information easily across multiple stakeholders.

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Online Shop


Explore and buy digital mapping from our online shop

Our easy-to-use e-Commerce online map shop gives you speedy access to a range of digital map products. Buy Ordnance Survey (OS) topographic data in a range of formats at highly competitive prices.

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Cloud Hosting


Fully hosted cloud-based open source platform and spatial data infrastructure

Reduce your operational GIS overheads using theMapCloud Platform as a Service (PaaS), Data as a Service (DaaS) and Software as a Service (Saas) capabilities.

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Desktop GIS


An integrated open source solution for managing a Scottish Local Street Gazetteer

roadNet is a FREE plugin for QGIS, the leading open source desktop GIS package.

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Open source Application Development

Our team of highly skilled in-house software developers can
design and develop customised applications specifically to meet your needs, or to enhance the functional capabilities of your existing open source GIS

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Cloud Hosting

Web Services

Reduce your data management overheads

Stream data to your business applications using our OGC Compliant web services.

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Cloud Software

Location Centre

Putting geographic information at the heart of your business

Location Centre provides organisation wide capabilities for intranet and internet GIS.

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