BNES Round 5 – King & Queen of the Hill

This event is a UK enduro classic, and one of the most popular enduros of the year. In 2018 even DH legend Danny Hart joined the start list (and won!). The big news is that this year King and Queen of the Hill is also round 5 of the BEMBA National Enduro Series. This means that not only will you be able rack up those final Triple Crown points but you can also gain points for the national series.

The course will make the most of the massive variety of trail riding here, with the sweetest descents on the valley’s finest dirt, roots and rock.

What you get:

  • Fully marked route – Miles of awesome (taped) singletrack
  • Electronic Air timing by SI systems
  • The best feed stations
  • The best course medics available
  • Safety marshals
  • On site tech support


Saturday 17th August

  • Race registration (9am – 4pm)
  • Practice (9am – 5pm)

Sunday 18th August – Race Day

  • 7.30am – 10am: Timing chip collection (and event registration)
  • 8.15am and 10am: Event Briefing – mandatory (you must attend one of these briefings)
  • 8.30am – 12.00noon: Riders start
  • 5pm: Prize presentations (approx)

The course is made up of taped race stages with marked transitions. Riders are expected to race the timed stages and then transit to the next stage in  a specific order. All riders are given a sticker that shows their start time, a start time for stage and a completion time. Seeded riders are expected to be at the start of each stage ready to race for the time on their sticker. The times for the non seeded riders are more of a guide to ensure that the complete the course within the allotted time.

The race starts at approx 8.30am on Sunday 18th August. The Course will be available for practice on Saturday 17th August . You must register before practice to collect your race number.

Full details including course information will be sent to entrants as a pdf download approximately  a week before the race.

This year the King and Queen is part of the BEMBA National Enduro Series. Results will translate to points towards an overall series winner.

Race Categories and Rider Groups

Depending on how you want to enjoy your race day, you can choose to be seeded or not…

All riders can choose if they want to be seeded for each of the races or, alternatively, they can choose a start time at event registration so they can ride with their mates all the way round the course.

Rider Group E1 (Seeded)

All riders are seeded, and given start times for every stage of the race. Some will find transition times between stages a wee bit challenging. You must complete all the race stages, and stick to the stage start schedule you’re given at registration. There are time penalties if you’re late for your start slot.

Choose this if you’re fast and if you want to minimise chance of encountering traffic while on the race course, with no uncertain queuing at stage starts, but be aware you might not be able to spend race day riding with your mates.

Rider Group E2 (Non Seeded)

Riders are not seeded, so you can ride with your buddies as long as you register together at event HQ and so get the same start waves. You are still given guide times to start each stage, and there’s an overall course completion time – penalties apply if you don’t make it. There’s more chance of being before or after a rider who is considerably faster or slower than you, but with less stress on the transition times, it’s a more sociable choice for many.

Rider Group E3 (Shorter Version)

This rider group means tackling a slightly shorter version of the course – at least one stage less than the full version. It’s aimed at riders concerned about the fitness challenge of the entire enduro course, and for the 14-15 age group riders.

E3Y is the rider group for 14-15 year olds. All 14-15 year old riders will automatically be entered into this group, the British Championship race for this age group.

E3A is an adult group for the shorter course, with no preset start times. Riders are not elegible for the overall podium places as they have completed a shorter course. This group also allows a parent or other adult to ride with an E3Y rider should they choose to.



Race Categories -E1 & E2

(BNES race categories vary slightly to our triple crown categories. Therefore Triple Crown series points for King and Queen will be calculated based on triple crown race categories rather than BNES.)


  • under 18
  • 19 – 21
  • 22-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50+


  • Under 21
  • 22-35
  • 35+

Race Categories – E3Y & E3A (not eligible for BNES series)


  • 14-15 ( this age category are not able to enter E1 or E2)
  • 16+


  • 14-15 ( this age category are not able to enter E1 or E2)
  • 16+

If less than three entrants in any race category, we reserve the right to combine categories. Age on 31st December 2019

Riders under the age of 14 on 31st December 2019 are not eligible to enter this race 

All riders under 16 on race day must have a signed Parental Consent Form. To speed up the registration process this can be downloaded here!


The race will use the SportIdent Air Timing system.

TweedLove Triple Crown 2019

The TweedLove Triple Crown is back for 2019, with new races, new courses, new stages and SI Air system timing at all three rounds. This is the place to come for enduro racing in 2019, with some of the finest enduro tracks in the UK.

We aim to provide the best courses, best organisation, best atmosphere and the friendliest, best value enduro events in the country. We’ve built up a great track record over the last eight years hosting the biggest international enduro races right through to local community races, and we’ll be working harder than ever to make sure everyone has a great, safe, and rad time racing with us in 2019.

All riders can choose if they want to be seeded for each of the races or, alternatively, they can choose a start time at event registration so they can ride with their mates all the way round the course. Seeded riders have pre-set start times for every stage of the race and face penalties if they miss their start times. Being seeded means you will have much less chance of encountering traffic while on the race course, with no uncertain queuing and pre-determined stage start times. Riding with your mates is the more sociable option but you have no idea how the traffic in front of you may affect your run.

Riders completing all three rounds are eligible for the Triple Crown title. The Triple Crown title will be awarded to the overall fastest male and female, regardless of category, across all three races. 

The Triple Crown also includes:

*Riders in the 14-15 age category are not eligible to enter the Transcenduro therefore the triple crown will include the Transcenduro Boost (add a link to Transcenduro Boost Page) as a replacement. 

Want to get involved in other ways?

Join us as a volunteer drop us a line at for more info and we’ll be in touch! It’s a lot of fun (honest) and you’ll have Bike Valley’s eternal thanks!